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    Normandy…….. D-Day…. While history will never change, today, I took part in the breaking out of Normandy, through the Bocage…

    @justin_brown also took place…

    This was our first OPS or tournament for TANKS…

    We were late and got basic points for the first round, maybe Justin can pipe in on his experience as well…

    My first (2nd of 3 total rounds) I was playing on the Allies side (attacking) and that was good because I was running a Jackson and 2 Pershings, named Pork Chop, Diablo and Demon. To win, I had to achieve 2 points or kill all the tanks against me, turned out to be 3 Sherman, no big deal… I had 6 turns to do this, and basically had zero objective points on the 6th turn, and his last tank had 2 hull, I knew it was over, so I blocked him from hiding too terribly bad, and said “gg”

    My second round (3 of 3 for the day) I tried defending the objectives without really understanding how they worked, and lost in a blaze… I was heavily damaging my enemy, I was a German this time (defender) but still running the same list of US Tanks…. I didn’t realize the victory (objective) points could come from either of 2 objectives, I thought 1 had to come from each…. my bad, it was fun, he didn’t do squat to me, I ripped him apart and he still won, lolz… Knowing is half the battle…. I failed to know….


    So the Nationality we ran did not matter, as it was the ‘side’ we were on… I fought against Russian tanks in a battle where there were no Russians, and I was US vs US in the other fight. The other people there were playing US and Brit. (Justin has a mean Tiger, Panther and Panzer IV list, but was the only German there)

    Maybe I can get Justin over and take a pic of his tokens, We got an oversized card, and a pair of objective tokens, I traded my tokens for his card, since it was a Cromwell, the Brits are one of my 2 Factions…

    In all, it didn’t feel like a tournament, and since the way they run the OPS, it wasn’t, it was a single part of a 4 part campaign… Good times, can’t wait for next month! And yes, I used my SPG tokens… It was glorious to see them shine!

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