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    Mep P

    It seems to me this game has lost a lot of steam and interest from what existed back in January. I know there were supply issues and many blame the game’s downfall on that. My feeling is the card pool was too small and the game just got stagnant and boring. They waited too long to release SoR and everyone just gave up on it.

    So the question is, now that SoR is here, does anyone care? Did everyone just sell their cards off and moved on?

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    Jim Harnock

    I personally don’t play — I’ve never been a fan of card games — but I know there’s a pretty loyal player base in my area. One of our local stores just got in the new release and about 75% of it was sold before it even hit shelves. They do pre-release events that require registration in advance and they’re always maxed out with registrants.

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    I’m actually shifting my main focus from X-wing to Destiny for the time being.. (aside from going to X-wing store champs)  I almost have a full set of SOR and went 2-2 last night at our weekly local tournament playing ePalp.

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    Erick Avila

    I’ve spent more time recently playing Destiny then X-wing as well.  I also nearly have a full play set of SOR.  But with Store Championships coming up for both, I’m trying to split my time.  But I’m far better at Destiny, then I am X-wing, but former Magic and WoW TCG player so CCGs are my jam.


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    Paul Elledge

    I LOVE Destiny! My favorite card game and I have been playing a bunch of them since about 1994. I travel all over for tournaments and have my first Store Championship coming up in 8 days, can’t wait!

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    @nymz @guyveravi I fell the same way. I was big into Xwing but since Destiny I’ve wanted to play that more and go competitive with it.

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