TEAMSPG & SlingPaint Gaming Community Terms of Services:

  • You, as a free member, registered member, and/or paid member of TEAMSPG and the SlingPaint Gaming Community, give SlingPaint Gaming and Roberto Rivera Inc permission to use, distribute, and share your posts, comments, recorded games, voice, picture, likeness of you at any time within our YouTube Channel, social media, and our marketing media without payment.
  • You must be 18 years of age.
  • Treat each other and new players with dignity and respect. You were new once too!
  • Transparency: avoid hidden agendas. Winning is great! But winning at the expense of others is not a good way to win.
  • Be genuine with each other about ideas, challenges, and feelings.
  • Team members will practice a consistent commitment to sharing all the information they have to new players in an effort to help grow the Gaming Community
  • Listen first to understand, and don’t be dismissive of the input received when we listen.
  • Practice being open-minded. – “Just because you wouldn’t play a certain way doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t like to”
  • Support each other and other SPG Chapters – Help promote events far and wide to bring in new players.
  • Avoid territoriality; think instead of the overall good for the Community, our fellow gamers, and growth of the gaming world! Friendly competition is good but keep it friendly.
  • The discussion of issues, ideas and direction will not become a personal attack or return to haunt you in the future. – Personal attacks will be dealt with swiftly and will be cause for immediate expulsion from Sling Paint Gaming.
  • Squad Leaders must be open, communicative, and authentic with each other and their Squads.
  • It’s okay to not know the right answer and to admit it. The community can find the answer.
  • Problems are presented in a way that promotes mutual discussion and resolution.
  • It is safe to be wrong as a Squad Leader. Thoughtful decision-making is expected.
  • Own the whole implementation of the SPG Community, not just your little piece; recognize that you are part of something larger than yourself. Be responsible to own the whole picture.
  • Practice and experience humility – each of us may not have all the answers.
  • If you commit to doing something – do it. Be accountable and responsible for the team.
  • It is okay to be the messenger with bad news. You can expect a problem-solving approach, not recrimination.
  • Promise to come prepared to your Events and game nights, so that you demonstrate value and respect for the time and convenience of others.
  • Strive to continuously improve and achieve the team’s goals. Don’t let ineffective relationships and interactions sabotage the team’s work.

Last of all… Support the SlingPaint Love! Share the channel, share the forums, share the facebook and help spread the goodness that is SlingPaint while helping the gaming community grow!