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My name is Berto, founder and host of SlingPaint Gaming, thank you for interest into TEAMSPG membership:

TEAMSPG is a band of players who reach out beyond their own area, to unite with other like-minded individuals, and come together on a larger scale to enjoy the games we play.

Connect with other players and events in your area or online, creating a network of gaming enthusiasts that play together, share advice, support local shops, and who contribute to the growth of the game. TEAMSPG highlights the stores, events, and individuals that help make gaming the entertaining obsession we all know and love.

Our Mission: To bring together like-minded players on a larger scale via camaraderie and team spirit!

Our Goals:

  • Networking with other players
  • Opportunities to receive benefits on tokens and merchandise
  • Advocacy for my games we play, and team or cause
  • Impact by being part of something bigger
  • Support SPG for doing more content for the games we all love!

TEAMSPG has granted all of it’s members exclusive benefits such as:

  • Exclusive TEAMSPG Forum member only area!
  • A chance to be in our YouTube Videos with Skype as special guests!
  • A chance to play against us with Vassal or Table Top Simulator, be recorded live on YouTube!
  • TEAMSPG 30% discount on all of our tokens!
  • Monthly Swag like tokens, Alt Art cards, and more!
  • X-Wing Vassal TEAMSPG League!
  • Top priority access to the SlingPaint Gaming crew!

Near Future Items we will be incorporating:

  • Exclusive access to purchase TEAMSPG Merchandise!
  • TEAMSPG Table Top Destiny Leagues
  • TEAMSPG Regional captains
  • TEAMSPG Regional Patches
  • Exclusive TEAMSPG only game tokens, cards, and more!
  • and much more!

Some Rules:

  • Agree to our Terms of Service
  • Must be 18 years or older!
  • Must be a cool person, don’t be an ass!
  • Must represent TEAMSPG in a professional manner at all times!
  • Must be willing to help newcomers!
  • Must be a steward of TEAMSPG and the games we play!
  • and… you MUST love gaming as we do!

Would you like to be part of the SlingPaint goodness, as a TEAMSPG Member?
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